Comparative Literature | Literature and Music: Opera
C358 | 1132 | Hertz, D

Section meets COAS Arts & Humanities requirement
Section carries cultural studies credit
Section COAS intensive writing section

Class Meets:  TR 4:00-5:15   BH 317

*Requires registration in COAS W333

Opera, like the musical theater more indigenous to American culture,
is a hybrid art form, chiefly based on the union of music and
theatre.  However, opera also involves spectacle and movement
(including dance), and the mis-en-scène that can only be created by
recourse to the visual arts as well.  In addition, each specific
work is also a product of the culture in which it was originally
created.  With this in mind, this course will study a small number
of significant works, analyzing them each both in terms of the
culture in which they were created and the interactions of the arts
required for a full realization of each work.  Works to be studied
will be selected from a variety of traditions, all of which have
achieved a high reputation in the history of culture and criticism.
Among them are works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner,
Giuseppe Verdi and Leonard Bernstein.

Students will be expected to attend the IU Opera Theater at various
points throughout the semester.  Term paper, oral presentation and
brief final exam are required.