College Of Arts and Sciences | Contemporary France: Society, Politics, Economy
S103 | 0045 | Wilkin, R.

Open to all interested freshmen; required of French House Freshmen.
In addition to providing insight into the institutions and issues
that structure contemporary France, this course will familiarize
students with resources available to them on French culture.  We
will study social issues such as education, juvenile delinquency,
immigration, and healthcare; political developments including
France’s place in the European Union, the debate on gender parity,
judicial reform, and military strategy; and economic questions
regarding the adoption of the euro, industry, unemployment, and
welfare.  During the semester, four IU scholars from various
departments will be invited to speak on themes of the class relating
to their fields.  Otherwise, the class will emphasize discussion.
Readings will include articles, web sites, governmental reports, and
publicity.  Students will be graded on their daily participation, on
two oral reports presented to the class, on a midterm, and on a
group research project pertaining to one of the themes studied in
class.  As the readings will be in French, students should feel
comfortable reading short documents in French. The rest of the class
(discussion, writing assignments) will be conducted in English.