College Of Arts and Sciences | Welcome to the College
X211 | 0116 | Dowd-Higgins, Wietstock, Kennedy-Hosek, Haywood-Smith, Moore

Note: This course offered during first eight weeks only.
Welcome to The College is a survival guide to understanding the
College of Arts & Sciences at Indiana University.  This course is
highly recommended for transfer students! The goal of this 1 credit
hour course is to introduce students to the valuable tools at their
disposal and to teach them how to use these resources most
effectively.  Students will negotiate on-line resources such as
INSITE and On Course and have key introductions to units on campus
including Overseas Study, the Career Development/Arts & Sciences
Placement Office, Service Learning, and more.  Guest speakers from
the Bloomington campus will contribute to this course and on-site
visits to individual resources such as the Main Library will take
place.  Attendance is mandatory and brief homework assignments will
be given. There is no final exam.