Cognitive Science | Seminar in Cognitive Science
Q700 | 0943 | Richard Shiffrin

Q700:  Bayesian and Data Mining
Spring, 2003
"Instructor": Richard M. Shiffrin (contact information below).
Meeting Time, Days, and Room: To Be Arranged
Course meets with Psy P747

	Recent years have seen marked advances in computing power
and speed, making possible a variety of new techniques for data
analysis.  [One conference that highlights these techniques is NIPS:
Neural Information Processing Systems.]  Many researchers (including
the teacher of the present course, Richard Shiffrin) who use
traditional mathematical modeling and computer simulation techniques
are not conversant with these new methods.  Such researchers and
their students in Cognitive Science and Psychology would gain much
from a course that introduces and surveys some of the most important
of these techniques, and that is the aim of the seminar.  The
students and the instructor will explore together a number of these
methods.  Time constraints will prevent coverage in depth; the aim
instead will be to understand the nature of the techniques, the
goals, and possible uses, by surveying at least one example for
each.  One of the goals of this high level seminar will be the
selection of topics (there is not nearly enough time to cover more
than a sampling), the selection evolving as the course progresses.

	Topics that we will consider include Bayes Nets, Hidden
Markov Models, Kernel Methods, Classification Methods in High
Dimensions (including Bayes Classifiers), Wavelet Methods, Minimum
Descriptive Length for Model Selection, Expection Maximization (EM)
Algorithms, Gibbs Sampling and Bootstrap Methods, Markov Chain
Simulation, Additive Trees, and Support Vector Machines.  A few
scaling approaches may also be considered.

	This will obviously be a high level seminar in which the
participants will all teach each other and learn together.
Enrollment has only the requirement of permission of instructor.
Richard Shiffrin should be contacted at
(email), 812-855-4972 (office), 812-336-1041 (home), office:
Psychology 350.

	A time and meeting room have not yet been selected and will
be arranged; we will try to do so via email, so contact the
instructor as soon as possible.