East Asian Languages and Cultures | Foreign Study: Japan Study Tour
E496 | 1491 | Watt

Permission of Instructor required.  Only those who have applied,
been approved by Professor Watt, and paid the deposit  will be
authorized for this course.

The Kelley School of Business and the East Asian Studies Center have
received a grant from the Freeman Foundation to offer a 3-credit
course which includes a study tour on international business and
culture in Japan.  This course, which will also be listed as BUS
D496 for business students, will be team-taught by Professor Marc
Dollinger of the Kelley School of Business and Professor Yasuko Ito
Watt of East Asian Languages and Culture.  The course will include a
mandatory10-day study tour to Japan over spring break.

The class will be project and discussion oriented.  The first part
of the semester will be spent getting ready for the trip to Japan
(especially Tokyo). The course will focus on history, basic Japanese
phrases, and culture, as well as the major industries and companies
of Japan.  Then the class will visit Japan from March 13 through
March 22.  This study tour will include historical and cultural
sites as well as visits to companies and important commercial areas
in Tokyo.  Upon return to IU, the class will debrief its experiences
and students will prepare their reports and projects for

The Freeman Foundation grant will provide round trip air fare for
students and a small subsidy for hotel and in-country expenses.
Due to the funding from the Freeman foundation, regrettably this
opportunity is for American citizens only at this time.  Students
will be responsible for expenses in Japan, which will amount to
approximately $100/day for food, housing, and local transportation.
A non-refundable deposit of is due upon acceptance of application.