G302 1988 FULK
Structure of Modern English

11:15a-12:30p MW (60) 3 cr.

The aim of the course is to examine methods of linguistic analysis and issues of language usage that have the most consequence in daily life, and particularly those methods and issues that are most useful for teachers to be familiar with. Thus there will be some attention to alternative way of analyzing the sounds, syntax, pragmatics, vocabulary, and morphology of English, but the particular focus of the course will be on social and regional varieties of English and the issues that language variation raise for teachers. There will also be some attention to patterns in children’s acquisition of language and in language change, entailing some study of the history of the English language. There will be four examinations and a small project applying linguistic knowledge to a pedagogical situation.

Required texts:
Pinker, The Language Instinct
Hudson, Essential Introductory Linguistics
A packet of course materials