L249 1945 LOCHRIE
Representations of Gender and Sexuality

2:30p-3:45p TR (30) 3 cr.

This course is an introduction to literature by men and women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that address and challenge cultural categories of gender and sexuality. Beginning with Oscar Wilde, who said, "My existence is a scandal," and ending with Kate Bornstein's thoughts on "gender outlaws," we will be considering such questions as: how are gender categories constructed differently for men and women, and what are the risks in transgressing them? What constitutes gender in a world where it is no longer restricted to biological difference? What is the relationship between gender and sexual identities, and how do these categories become implicated in other cultural categories, such as class and race? Some of the authors besides Wilde that we will be reading will include E. M. Forster, James Baldwin, Audrey Lorde, and Jeanette Winterson. There will also be films scheduled outside of class to be viewed and discussed in class. Course requirements will include two short papers (4-5), short discussion leads, a midterm and final exam.