L358 1965 STANTON
Twentieth-Century American Fiction

1:00p-2:15p TR (30) 3 cr.

This course will take us across the United States as we explore the “story” of America in the 20th Century. We’ll start our trip with Willa Cather’s narrative of an immigrant woman’s life on the Nebraska plains, explore the Midwest with Sherwood Anderson and Ernest Hemingway, visit the south of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor, leave New England and cross the country with Vladimir Nabokov, pull into some small towns with Raymond Carver, and end up in the big city with Sandra Cisneros and Dana Johnson. There will be three tests, two short writing assignments, and a final creative project.

Probable Texts:
Willa Cather, My Antonia
Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio
Ernest Hemingway, In Our Time
William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying
Flannery O’Connor, The Complete Short Stories
Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita
Raymond Carver, Will You Please Be Quiet, Please
Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street
Dana Johnson, Break Any Woman Down