Fine Arts | Introduction to Jewish Art - Topics in Art History
A200 | 2049 | El-Hanany

This course will survey Jewish painting, sculpture, architecture and other
visual art from ancient times through the present day.  It will focus on
such issues as the development of ritual objects and manuscripts, the
architecture of the synagogue, Jewish artists at the time of the
Emancipation, early Zionist art, the School of Paris and Marc Chagall, and
responses to the Holocaust.  We will conclude with an in-depth look at the
work of contemporary Israeli artists.  Since the study of Jewish art is
inseparable from the historical construction of Jewish identity, we will
be looking at these works within the context of contemporary social,
political and religious developments.
	Final course grades will be based on examinations, short
assignments and a term project.  Readings will be contained in a course
pack of selected important texts and articles.  There are no prerequisites
for this course, but a general knowledge of Western art history would be