Fine Arts | History of Photography: The First Hundred Years
A450 | 9287 | Burns

This section for Undergraduates Only.

This course surveys the history of photography from its beginnings to the
early twentieth century.  Although quite a lot of attention is given to
individual photographers, the course is also designed to acquaint students
with such things as the business and institutions of photography, certain
commercial applications, and some of the key theoretical issues that have
emerged in recent scholarship and debate on the subject, as well as the
cultural and social contexts of photography and its practices.  Topics to
be covered include:  landscape photography and the American west; Civil
War photography; the democratization of the portrait; photography as art;
issues pertaining to nudity, eroticism, and porn; the emergence and
ideologies of "documentary" photography; photography and modernism;
photography and gender.  There will be visits to the IU Art Museum to
examine historical photographs in the collection as well as hands-on
display and discussion of daguerreotypes, tintypes. streographs (the first
3-D images), and other early photographic artifacts.  Readings assigned
from textbook and course pack.  In-class activities to include lecture,
discussion, practice in reading and decoding images.
Work:  reading notes, short to medium papers, quizzes.

This section meets with FINA A550