Geology | Volcanology
G490 | 9248 | M. Hamburger

VOLCANOLOGY (2 cr) Joint-offered with G690 section 9250. A new course
on physical and chemical processes related to volcanoes and volcanic
eruptions. The course is open to advanced undergraduates(G490) and
graduate students (G690)

Possible  topics  to  include:
o processes of magma generation and evolution
o tectonic and geodynamic controls on magmatism
o dynamics of volcanic eruptions
o styles and products of volcanic eruptions
o eruption forecasting and prediction
o volcano seismology and geodesy
o volcanoes and climate-
o planetary volcanism

Tentative  Meeting  Times: Tuesday-Thursday 2:30-3:45 Geology 407
For  further  information,  contact: Michael Hamburger, Geology 415