Geology | Computational Methods
G690 | 2638 | M. Person

Computational Methods (3 cr) This class presents an overview of
computer-based methods used in analyzing fluid flow, heat, and
chemical mass transport problems within subsurface environments using
a variety of numerical methods. Applications presented include lake
eutrophication, cooling of igneous intrusions (sills), development of
excess pore pressures in confining units due to rapid sedimentation,
regional groundwater flow, and isotope/solute transport problems. The
course provides students with an overview of the steps taken in
developing 0-, 1, and 2dimensional finite difference, finite element,
and Lagrangian based numerical models. You will learn how to implement
numerical approximations of ordinary and partial differential
equations which represent the transport processes described above.
During the semester, you will develop five different groundwater flow,
heat and chemical mass transfer computer programs using finite
difference, finite element, Lagrangian, and Runga-Kutta methods.