Geology | Extraterrestrial Petrography
G690 | 9155 | A. Basu

G690 (1 cr) Prerequisite: one course in optical petrography and some
understanding of igneous geochemistry.
The goal of this laboratory course for graduate students is to
understand some of the petrographic evidence for currently accepted
anddebated inferences about the origin and evolution of planetary
material since condensation of the solar nebula. We will borrow a
representative set of polished thin sections from NASA and the
Smithsonian for the Spring semester and work backwards in time from
3.2 b.y to 4.5 b.y. We expect to study extraterrestrial basalt,
anorthosite, pyroxenite and related rocks followed by chondritic
meteorites using transmitted and reflected light microscopy. Class
will meet in GY338 once a week in the evening. All students will be
expected to construct a portfolio of annotated photomicrographs on