Gender Studies | Themes in the Study of Gender: 20th Century French Feminist Thought
G205 | 2455-2457 | Dennis Rodgers

The French feminist movement continues to influence American
scholarship about women and institutions.  While there has been a
resurgence of a type of “popular” feminism in contemporary France,
the now canonical writers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Helene Cixous,
Julia Kristeva, Monique Wittig, and Luce Irigaray remain important
figures in any study of feminist theory or philosophy.  The aim of
this course is to expand students’ working knowledge of the
fundamental texts comprising French feminist writings in order that
they may understand American theories that incorporate, extend, or
complicate these original texts.  This course provides historical
and literary background in order to position the texts within their
cultural context.  French Philosophical thought has been highly
influential on social movements, thus making for an exciting study
into the relationship between theory and practice.