Gender Studies | Gender and Discourse - Disability Between Law & Culture
G485 | 2478 | Fedwa Malti-Douglas

Disability between Law and Culture will investigate disability as it
intersects with gender, law, medicine, and culture.  We will carry out
this investigation through reading and discussion of visual and verbal
texts.  We will begin with the Americans with Disabilities Act and
continue by examining the relationship of physically handicapped or
otherwise marginalized individuals (male and females) and society.
Our analytical tools will come from studies on the body, medicine, and
gender, as well as recent works that reflect the emerging field of
disability studies.  We will ask ourselves about the nature of
disability, its physiological or social construction, the creation of
discourses of disability, and how these discourses intersect with
larger discourses of law, medicine, sexuality, gender and the body.

Meets jointly with a School of Law Seminar.  No previous legal
knowledge is required or assumed.