Gender Studies | Practicum in Sex Therapy and Counseling
G691 | 0000 | Cynthia Graham

Practicum in Sex Therapy and Counseling  provides an introduction to
the assessment and treatment of sexual problems. It will be
restricted to those students who are currently enrolled in a
graduate program which involves clinical training, e.g. clinical
psychology, counseling psychology, social work, health science and
medicine. The practicum is linked to the Kinsey Institute Sexual
Health Clinic, which provides diagnostic assessment, counseling, and
treatment for people with sexual and gender–related problems. The
weekly one–hour seminar has assigned readings, and a weekly,
multidisciplinary supervision meeting. Students in the practicum
have the opportunity to sit in with experienced therapists, act as
co–therapists, and eventually to take on their own client cases.
This course is intended to be a full–year course, taken in two
consecutive semesters.