History | West Europe-High/Late Middle Age
B352 | 2833 | Elliott

Above section carries culture studies credit
Above section open to undergraduates only

This course spans the eleventh to the fourteenth century – from the
reawakening of Europe to the breakdown of the medieval synthesis.
This was a time of great creativity, change, but also of pain and
disillusionment.  From a positive standpoint, it has been associated
with the flourishing of a rich spirituality; the rise of city life;
and the invention of courtly love, chivalry,  the university, and
even “the individual.” But these achievements came with a price tag:
cities fostered discontent and disease – culminating in the bubonic
plague; the culture of chivalry culminated in the 100 Years War, the
university excluded women and led to their expulsion from many
professions, while the flipside of medieval spirituality was
antisemitism as well as other forms of religious persecution.  By
focusing on the cultural history of the period, this course attempts
to come to terms with its dichotomies. Special attention will be
paid to primary sources. Three exams and 1 short paper.