History | The People Vs. the Emporor
D327 | 2843 | Shore

Above section carries culture studies credit
Above section open to undergraduates only

The turmoil of the post-communist era has engendered quite a bit of
nostalgia for the multi-ethnic (and multi-cultural) Habsburg Empire,
which once ruled over much of Eastern and Central Europe.  This
course will explore the last century or so of the Habsburg Empire’s
existence, from the Enlightenment-era to the empire’s demise in the
ashes of World War I.  We will examine how the ideas of the French
Enlightenment made their way eastwards, and how the diverse empire
negotiated the transition from early-modern feudalism to modernity.
Topics include the nineteenth-century ideological currents of
romanticism, liberalism, nationalism and socialism.

The course will use two main textbooks: A.J.P. Taylor, "The Habsburg
Monarchy 1809-1918" and Robert Kann, "A History of the Habsburg
Empire, 1526-1918" as well as the novel "Ion" by Liviu Rebreanu.
Assignments will include two short papers, a midterm and a final.