History | Modern Japan
G369 | 2850 | Keirstead

Above section carries culture studies credit
Above section open to undergraduates only

A survey of Japanese history and culture from about 1600 to the
present day, this course aims to provide students with a broad
understanding of important themes in modern Japanese civilization.
The course begins in the early modern period, with a consideration
of the intellectual and cultural matrix that provided the backdrop
to modern Japan. From there we proceed to the immense political,
social, and economic changes occasioned and exacerbated by expanded
contact with the West: Japan's insistence on "catching up" with the
West, problems of industrialization and political "modernization,"
and Japanese imperialism. We conclude in the postwar period, with a
Japan cognizant of the fact that it has "caught up" and seeking ways
to contend with its new-found affluence. Occasional quizzes,
periodic essays, and a take-home final exam.