History | Seminar in Russian History
H740 | 2890 | Ekof

Students do a limited number of common readings, identify a suitable
research topic, and meet regularly to report on progress as well as
critique each other's work

John Tosh, "The Pursuit of History" (2nd edition: Longman, 1991);
Richard J. Evans, "In Defense of History" (Norton, 1999); Alun
Munslow, "Deconstructing History" (1998); "The Routledge Companion
to Historical Studies"; Marc Raeff, "Understanding Imperial Russia"
(NY, 1984); Geoffrey Hosking, "Russia: People and Empire"
(Cambridge, 1997); Robert Service, eds., "Reinterpreting Russia"
(1999); Boris Mironov with Ben Eklof, "A Social History of Imperial
Russia" (2 volumes: 1999-2000); Janet Hartley, "A Social History of
the Russian Empire, 1650-1825" (1998); David Saunders, "Russia in
the Age of Reaction and Reform, 1801-1881" (1992); John E.
Hutchinson, "Late Imperial Russia, 1890-1917" (Longman, 1999).