History | Seminar in Cultural History
H780 | 2895 | Wahrman

Above section meets with History H730 and WEUR W605 and CULS C701


This graduate seminar will introduce the British empire, the empire
on which the sun famously never set, from the eighteenth century
onward. Possible questions can range from the various forms that
British imperial power took over this period, through the bases of
its success across a quarter of the globe, to the impact of its
implementation on subjects across the globe as well as in Britain
itself. The main goal of the course is to equip students with the
necessary base from which to develop their own projects in this
exciting and fast-developing field. Indeed some would say that
British history as a whole has become "imperial", in the sense that
the new studies of the British empire have fundamentally transformed
our understanding of the metropole as well. One goal of the course
will be to ask to what extent is this claim valid, and to think of
research strategies to test it.