History | The Medieval Nobility
J300 | 2855 | Shopkow

J300:  Also open to non-majors
Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
registration in COAS W333
Above section open to undergraduates only

When people think of the Middle Ages, they think of castles,
tournaments, chivalry, crusades, lords and ladies, in short they
think of the activities of the high medieval nobility.  People tend
to assume that there was a noble class throughout the Middle Ages,
but the people who created the castles and tournaments, the people
who read romances, belonged to a class that began to emerge only
around the year 1000.  We’ll look at the emergence of this class of
people, their work, their wars, their play, and their prayer.  Among
the topics we’ll consider are lordship, the court, chivalry, war,
and gender.  We will explore these through both primary and
secondary sources.

This course is both reading and writing intensive.  Students should
expect to read up to 150 pages per week and to write weekly
assignments of varying lengths.  There will be a take-home final.