History | Medieval Imagination
J300 | 2857 | Elliott

J300:  also open to non-majors
Above section COAS intensive writing section and also
requires registration in COAS W333
Above section open to undergraduates only

Reality can only be deciphered through the imaginative constructs
which individuals develop as tools of discernment.  These are
mechanisms for imposing order on chaos, keys for interpreting what
must otherwise remain inexplicable.  In this sense, every age
constructs its own reality.  This course will focus on some of the
methods which the medievals used to organize, comprehend and thus
create their world.  The subjects which will be examined range
considerably in scope; dreams and their interpretations, the cult of
saints as a miraculous bridge to the celestial, the sex lives of
demons, as well as cosmological theories of the universe are amongst
some of the subjects to be considered.  Primary sources will be
emphasized.  This course fulfills the intensive writing requirement
of the COAS.  Requirements: a number of oral presentations, a series
of short papers (ca. 3-5 pp).