History | History of Sexuality
J400 | 2863 | Meyerowitz

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This undergraduate seminar will address selected topics in the
history of sexuality in the United States.  Readings and discussions
will emphasize public contests over sexuality.  How, when, and why
did sexuality become a source of public identity, an object of
scientific study, a commodity in the consumer economy, a cultural
battleground, and a key political issue?  The first two-thirds of
the course will include a broad overview of the history of sexuality
in the U. S.; the last third of the course will focus on the work
and legacy of Alfred C. Kinsey.

Students will complete several short research assignments, write two
short (3-page) response papers based on weekly readings, and write a
longer (10-page) paper based on primary sources.
Readings will include Elizabeth Reis, ed., "American Sexual
Histories"; Helen Horowitz, "Rereading Sex"; Joshua Gamson, "Freaks
Talk Back"; and more.