Honors | Politics of Food
H204 | 0009 | D. Barbour

1:00-2:15pm  MW  WH 002

Although our daily lives are organized around food, most of us,
especially the fortunate few getting college educations in advanced
western democracies, probably never think of it in political terms
except in the narrowest of senses -- food stamp policy, perhaps, or
farm subsidies.  In truth, for human beings, food -- the control of
our food supply and its distribution - is power, and power is the
essential stuff of politics.

This course focuses on the politics of food in contemporary America.
The course will cover four major topics:  food and political identity,
politics and the American food industry, the politics of hunger in the
United States, and the Slow Food movement against the McDonaldization
of America (and the world).

I have not yet selected the books for the class, but they may include
Marion Nestle, Food Politics, Peter K. Eisinger, Toward an End to
Hunger in America, Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation, and various
articles and chapters.

Student's grades will be based on in-class work, 4 exams, and the
completion of a class project.