Honors | Introduction to the Study of Language
L103 | 3010 | M. Gasser

2:30-3:20pm  R  WH 203

This course is a general introduction to the study of human language.
The first part of the course focuses on the analysis of languages
from a linguistic perspective.  All of the core areas of language
study will be considered: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax,
semantics, and pragmatics.  This will serve as necessary background
for the second part of the course, which will focus on a variety of
language-related topics, including English dialect variation, signed
languages, bilingual education, and language acquisition. By the end
of the course you should be acquainted with the basics of linguistic
analysis, be aware of the fundamental similarities and differences
among all human languages, and have an informed perspective on issues
of language that have an impact on our society.