Jewish Studies | ISRAELI SOCIETY
A200 | 0341 | A Goldberg

The course will trace the historical background of Zionism and Jewish
migration to Palestine in the pre-State period, and the regional
political conditions which enabled the Jewish community there to
emerge as a new nation-state.  This will serve as a background to the
emerging social structure and cultural trends that have characterized
Israel during its first five decades.  Some specific themes to be
discussed are: a) the origins of forms of Jewish settlement (kibbutz,
moshav, development town) and how they later were affected by Israel's
incorporation in the world economy; b)   the impact of immigration and
emergence of diverse identities according to ethnic background,
religious commitment, and national identity  including Israeli Jews
and Arabs; c) changing paradigms within Israeli social science with an
emphasis on the contribution of anthropology as a monitor of the
diversity of trends within a multicultural society; and d) forces of
globalization affecting Israel in relation to internal debates
concerning the society's cultural character.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies History or Society course; S&H