H350 | 2949 | S. Katz

MWF 1:25-2:15

A continuation of H300/H670, this course will stress the essentials of
Hebrew grammar, conversation, composition, and reading skills.
Reading from Hebrew literature will be used to familiarize the student
with current slang as well as literary Hebrew.  In addition, reading
from selected newspaper articles will expand the student's familiarity
with journalistic Hebrew as well as stimulate thinking and free
expression.  Periodic exams will cover various units.  Grading is
based on attendance, participation, homework, and unit exams.

Prerequisite:  H100-H300/H500-H670 or other sufficient preparation.

Required Text: Aggahad shel Safah (Academon)

Recommended: Bolotzki, Shmuel, 501 Hebrew Verbs (Barrons)
Fulfills:  Jewish Studies Language or Literature course