Latino Studies | Latino Film: An Intro and Overview
L111 | 2967 | Yeidy Rivero

This course examines ‘Latino Cinema’ and its connections to
particular historical, cultural, and political movements in the U.S.
and Latin America.  In the first section, we review and critique
Latino/a representations in Hollywood films.  We will focus on 1930s-
1950s constructions of Latinos/as and the ways in which some early
stereotypes are still reproduced in recently produced mainstream
movies.  In the second section, we discuss the ‘origins’ and
development of Latino video and film productions.  In this section
we will analyze particular films in relation to the Civil Rights
Movement, the Chicano/a Movement, the New Latin American Cinema, the
Feminist Movement and the Gay Rights Movement.  In the last part of
this course we will examine films directed, written, or produced by
Latinos/as which were produced or co-produced by Hollywood studios.
We will compare Hollywood/Latino productions to understand the ways
in which Latino-ness has been represented in the U.S. cultural
landscape. The main objective of this course is to understand the
cultural, social, historical, and economic contexts that permeate
the representations of Latino identities in both Latino Cinema and
Hollywood mainstream films.