Latino Studies | Transnational Connections
L396 | 2969 | Jorge Chapa

Recent scholarship argues that many topics in Latin American and
Latino Studies can best be understood in a transnational framework
that considers both of these areas and their connections.  In
recognition of this, the Latino Studies Program and the Latin
American Studies Program offer a new seminar to focus on identifying
and exploring the promising areas for transnational research.  This
course will open a dialog among Latin American and Latino Studies
that will identify topics, areas and techniques improved by explicit
consideration of the other.  Migration is one example of a topic
that can be fully understood only by examining circumstances from
both perspectives.  The politics and policies regarding immigrant
remittances is another topic that requires a transnational
perspective in order to be fully understood.  As part of a FIPSE-
funded project, we will also examine the issue of the transnational
philanthropy and the development of a philanthropic sector in
Mexico.  Students from this class will have priority consideration
for travel grants to take courses and/or do research on this topic
at partner institutions in Mexico or Canada.  Students will be
expected to actively participate in class discussion, to make class
presentation and to complete a research paper. Meets with LTAM 526
for Graduate credit.