Latino Studies | Latino Immigrants and U.S. Society
L396 | 2971 | Eileen Diaz McConnell

Recognizing that the history of Latinos in the U.S. is very
different from that of European immigrants, this course will examine
Latino immigrants to the U.S. with a focus on the frequent conflict
between these immigrants and various institutions and segments of
U.S. society.  One major section of this course will be devoted to
comparing Mexican American, African American and Anglo American
workers in the rural south and the urban north.   Another section
course will also examine how well assimilation theory fits the
Latino experience.   Throughout the course we will focus on the
differences between Latino culture and circumstances that often put
Latinos at a disadvantage when participating in and benefiting from
U.S. institutions.  Grades will be based upon midterm and final
exams, two five-page written assignments and class participation.