Living-Learning Center | Between Identities in Biographical Art
L210 | 0958 | Michael Chaney

This seminar invites you to explore your constructions of race and
ethnicity by responding to literary and artistic autobiographies that
focus on divided ethnic identity (including N. Scott Momaday, Maxine
Hong Kingston, James McBride, Art Spiegelman, and Sheila Ortiz
Taylor).  Throughout the course you will be preparing for a final
project on personal narratives of cultural identity (your own or
anotherís) using a presentation format of your choosing (photographic
collage, artistic installation, dramatic skit, sound recording, video
production, paper, for instance).  Highlights of the course include
involvement in Black History Month, visit to the African American
Cultural Center, and guest lecturers.

This course is open to all IU students.