Music | Seminar: The original prints of the music of H. Schütz
M602 | 8260 | Melamed

MUS M602: Seminar in Musicology (section 8260)
D. Melamed, Spring 2003
Topic: The original prints of the music of H. Schütz

We will examine the music of H. Schütz that the composer published
during his lifetime, considering the printed collections both as
physical objects and as transmitters of repertory. Topics will
include music printing technology (paper, typesetting, ink,
production methods); formats and descriptive bibliography; German
music publishing and the book trade in the 17th century, including
the Frankfurt and Leipzig fairs; dedications and prefaces; intended
purchasers and users; the transmission and survival of original
prints; MS vs. printed transmission of the repertory; contemporary
publications; problems of notation and performance; modern editions
and editorial problems; principles of textual and musical
organization; the compositional history of the prints; liturgical and
confessional considerations; and issues of genre.