Music | The Music of Japan
T410 | 8404 | Rowell

T410  The Music of Japan (3 credits) MW 1:00-2:15 P.M. M267  L.Rowell

An introduction to the music and musical traditions of Japan, within
the larger context of the major musics of East Asia (China and Korea):
scales, rhythms, instruments, genres, representative compositions and
performances, style and aesthetic principles, social-cultural
contexts. Genres studied will include Shinto and Buddhist ritual
music, the Gagaku court ensemble, theater music (Noh, Kabuki,
Bunraku), narrative genres, solo and chamber music, and folk musics.
The course will make extensive use of video recordings from the JVC
archives, featuring some of Japan's greatest performing artists. The
course is open to non-music majors, but a reading knowledge of Western
staff notation is required. Prerequisite: junior standing or
permission of the instructor.

Required text: Malm, William P. Traditional Japanese Music and Musical
Instruments (the new edition). Tokyo: Kodansha International, 2000.
ISBN 4770023952.