Music | Analysis of Popular Music
T410 | 8405 | Butler

T410: Analysis of Popular Music

Mark Butler                   TR 11:15a-12:30p

In this course we will explore the wide range of ways in which popular
music has been studied, consider relationships between popular music
and other musical traditions, and develop skill in analyzing popular
music. We will read current research on popular music within the
fields of music theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, and popular music
studies; we will also explore how certain classically oriented
music-theoretical methods might be applied to popular music. The
course will be run as a seminar, with class time consisting primarily
of student discussion and presentation. Activities outside of class
will include substantial reading, transcription of music from
recordings, musical analysis (both guided and independent), and
various kinds of writing. The course will culminate in a research
paper and presentation on a popular-music topic of the student's choosing.

Prerequisite: T232
Corequisite: T351 (must have taken or take concurrently with T410)
Enrollment: 15