Philosophy | Introduction to Topics in Philosophy
P270 | 3393 | Hanson

Note:  This section open to Honors Students ONLY.

TopicL Belief, Rationality, and Commitment

What is the nature of belief?  --of doubt?  Can one choose one's
beliefs? What is it for a belief to be rational?  --for a way of life
to be rational?  How does one decide how one's life should be lived?
How does one decide whether life is worth living at all?  --whether
there is anything worth dying for?

In considering these and other questions relation to the problems of
belief, rationality, and practical commitment, we will read works by
Plato, Descartes, Pascal, William James, Nietzsche, and Albert Camus.
The course will involve close readings, seminar-style discussions of
the texts and the issues the texts address, and a series of writing