Religious Studies | North American Religions: New Perspectives on American Religious History and Culture
R735 | 3810 | Stein

This research seminar will examine recent developments in the field of American religious history and culture. The closing years of
the past decade have witnessed a number of new initiatives in historical scholarship relating to religion in America.  Among the
newer approaches to be examined in this seminar are the study of "lived religion," the focus on religion in popular culture, the
concern with material culture studies, the expansion of the religious groups examined as part of America's spiritual pluralism, the
geographical inclusion of the transatlantic religious world, the attention now given to New Religious Movements, and the impact of
interdisciplinary studies on all the humanities and the social sciences.

Members of the seminar will read a variety of the new scholarship including the volumes listed below as well as relevant journal
literature. Evaluation will be based on participation in seminar activities and the writing of a journal article employing one of
the above approaches to the study of American religion and culture on a topic of the student's own choice appropriate to the chosen
professional field, whether it be in Religious Studies, History, or American Studies.