West European Studies | The Renaissance (3 CR)
W405 | 4445 | Prof. A. Field

2:30-3:45p   TR   BH 204
Above Section Meets with HIST B353
Obtain online authorization from department

This lecture course concentrates on the rebirth of literature,
history, moral philosophy, and the fine arts in Europe from about
1300 to 1600.  We shall first look at the economic social causes and
context of this rebirth, with the development of Italian cities in
the later Middle Ages.  Next we shall take up the humanist movement
and new theories concerning education, economic activity, ethics,
politics, history, and the fine arts.  Toward the end of the course
we shall turn to the spread of the Renaissance to northern Europe.
The course will focus on weekly reading assignments in primary
sources (merchantsí diaries, humanist works, Machiavelli, and