West European Studies | Dutch Culture: Modern Netherlands (3 CR)
W406 | 4448 | Associate Instructor

9:30-10:45a   TR  WH 119
Above Section Meets with GER N450 and WEUR W605
Obtain authorization from department

This course will survey the Low Countries: The Netherlands and
Belgium, two small countries that are as distinct from each other as
the U.S. and Britain. Such diverse aspects will be covered as
geography, physical planning, the environment, the educational and
political systems, the mass media, the ethnic composition of the
societies, the language, the development of a federal system in
Belgium, relations between the Dutch in the Netherlands and the
Flemish in the northern half of Belgium, and the question of
cultural identity in North and South.  There will be emphasis on
cultural differences between two neighboring but highly individual
societies, as well as the cultural traditions they share.  In
addition, a brief look will be taken at the historical backgrounds
of the two.