West European Studies | Workshop in Contemporary European Policy
W605 | 4453 | Profs. D. Audretsch, C. Bonser, H. Remak

4:00-6:00p   M   SB 140
Above Section Meets Second Eight Weeks Only
Above Section Meets with SPEA V550
Auditors Welcome
Obtain online authorization from department

This new course, offered the second-8 weeks of the semester in both
WEST and SPEA, will consist of a series of seminars given by outside
speakers and discussion. Issues such as agriculture policy, the EU
as a state, and European security policy will be addressed. Students
may enroll in the course for 1.5 credits (a presentation will be
required) or they may audit the course and attend the lectures
without preparation. This workshop is designed in part to add a
graduate seminar to the course listings for WEST students, and as a
preparatory course for SPEA V550, “The European Union in the 21st
Centru.” Students who enroll in the summer V550 course will be
required to attend 4 of the workshop lectures, but they should not
enroll in this workshop for credit (a fourth credit will instead be
given for V550, as four credits are required under federal
guidelines to receive summer financial aid).