West European Studies | Politics of the EU (3 CR)
W605 | 4457 | Prof. N. Furniss

1:00-2:15p   TR   WH 004
Above Section Meets with POLYS Y350 and WEUR W405
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Europe immediately after World War II was memorably described by
Winston Churchill as a "carnal house, a breeding place for
pestilence and war." Today, (Western) Europe is prosperous,
politically stable, and at peace. Our general aim in this course is
to provide an introduction to the European Union, a unique political
entity that emerged and has developed coincident with Europe's
resurgence. We have two related goals. The first is to try to
understand the connections between the development of the European
Union and Europe's prosperity and political stability. The second is
to examine how Europe has remained relatively at peace and to assess
prospects for the future as the European Union expands to include
countries in Central Europe.
Each class member will take two short answer examinations and will
participate in a group project. There will be a choice of project
topics. There will be no final examination. I would be pleased to
discuss any aspect of the course. My office number is 5-9100, email