Afro-American Studies | Transnational Americas
A354 | 0292 | Matthew Guterl

This upper-level IW course explores the comparative connections
between Europeans, Africans,Asians, Latin Americans, and Indigenous
peoples in the United States with an eye towards understanding the
past, present, and future of race-relations in this country.  The
course material is explicitly comparative, which means that we will
be primarily focused on relationships and conflicts between rapidly
changing communities of color, and between those communities and the
larger America that surrounds them.  The focus here is on the ways
in which common and historical understandings of race-relations in
this country – which are primarily color-coded as white-over-black –
are being reshaped by the arrival of people who are 1st, 2nd, or
even 3rd generation immigrants of color, or who have been generally
described as “not American.”
Grading is based on class participation and one final paper,
written in multiple drafts.