Afro-American Studies | The Afro American Worker: From Slavery to the Second World War
A400 | 0297 | Najja Modibo

This course offers an interdisciplinary examination of the
experiences of African-American labor (women and men) in American
society. We will examine the emergence of slavery as a labor system
in the south, migration to the industrial cities and the formation
of the African-American working-class.

Throughout the course you should reflect on the role of African-
American labor in society and the relevance of the course content to
your own life.  To assist you in this effort, application tasks may
be assigned.  These tasks may need to be completed individually or
in small discussion groups.

Course objectives:
To enable and encourage students to center themselves within the
experience(s) of African- American workers (that is, to place the
experiences of African-American workers at the center of analysis).

To enable students to understand the continuing impact of multiple
forms of oppression (in other words, race, gender, and class) during
both slavery and the post-bellum emergence of African American life.

Meets with LSTU L390