Anthropology | Culture Resource Management
A401 | 24900 | Sievert

Cultural resource management (CRM) is a public-oriented aspect of
archaeological research. In this course we will explore the
decision-making process that archaeologists use in providing for the
preservation and conservation of prehistoric and historic sites,
structures, and artifacts. Topics covered include the legal and
ethical issues surrounding the management of cultural resources,
project design and costs, project implementation, National Register
nomination and review procedures, and CRM as a research focus. Many
archaeologists do CRM work at some point in their careers, and it
represents the majority of archaeological research done within the
United States. Students will gain an understanding of procedures used
in CRM, the research potential of CRM, and the possibilities for
applying archaeological methodology to solve problems encountered when
cultural resources are impacted by land development.

Book: Cultural Resources Archaeology: An Introduction by T. Neumann
and R. Sanford. Altamira Press. Other readings will be on e-reserve
through the Geography Library.