Anthropology | Theory & Meth Human Paleontology
B524 | 0384 | Hunt

B524 is designed principally to give bioanthropology PhD students a
deeper understanding of fossil hominid evolution and adaptation than
is possible in an advanced lecture-format class such as B464.  After
completing B524 students will be familiar with the corpus of the human
fossil record and aware of significant current issues in human
paleontology.  We will pay particular attention to hypothesis testing,
evolutionary theory, niche theory, interspecific competition, human
fossil skeletal anatomy, functional anatomy, and behavioral
reconstruction.  Methods of morphological and phylogenetic analysis
such as morphometrics and cladistics will be covered in labs and
discussion.  Students in B524 are required to take exams in B464,
which is offered the same semester.

Attending B464 lectures is optional, but students who have not had an
advanced Human Paleontology class are urged to attend.  Students may
take both B464 and B524 for credit.