Anthropology | Ethnicities in Israel
E400 | 0394 | Bahloul

If you are interested in understanding the contents of today's Israeli
society and culture, and how they relate to past and recent history,
this course will open for you the perspectives of the founding myths
of the Israeli nation, and will clarify them in the current political
and cultural contexts.   Students will discuss such issues as ethnic
pluralism, the status of Judaism in politics and culture, the city vs.
the rural, the role of religion in national identity and the modern

1 mid-term exam
1 final exam
1 reading review/or research paper

Grasping Land by Ben-Ari/Bilu
Communal Webs by Katriel
Tradition, Innovation, Conflict by Sobel/Beit-Hallahmi
Gender and Culture by Spiro
Recovered Roots by Zerubavel