Anthropology | Anthropology of Dance
E463 | 0399 | Royce

Meets 2nd 8 weeks only

This course will give you an understanding of dance, both western and
non-western, classical and popular, historic and contemporary; we will
begin with the body and embodied ways of knowing as it has been
debated throughout history and then will examine how dance shapes and
is shaped by its contexts, performers, and audiences; how dance is
learned and transmitted; and what values dance brings for both
participants and spectators. We will look at the person of the
performer across different cultures.  We will explore the notion of
interpretation as well as artistry and virtuosity.

We will use videos, performances, and the knowledge of special guests
to add to our own knowledge and experience of dance.  The first class
of the week will be lecture and discussion over the readings.  The
second will be viewing and discussing the video and dvd material.

class participation (15%)
one page annotations of each of the required readings (10%)
three short (4 pages double-spaced) papers on 1) a class or some other
mode of teaching a dance genre, 2) a live dance performance, 3) an
interview with a performer about why they have chosen to dance (15%
each).  You may prepare a video presentation, with a brief written
explanation, for any of these assignments.
final examination--take-home essay (30%).	

Graduate students will have a somewhat different set of requirements.

In addition, in order to learn how to write about dance in clear,
concise ways, please check the NY Times dance page on a regular basis
(should take you 15 minutes maximum):


Jonas, Gerald.  Dancing.
Sweet, Jill.  Tewa Dances (second edition, SAR Press).
Royce, Anya.  The Anthropology of Performing Arts: Artistry,
Virtuosity, and Interpretation (Altamira Press, expected February
Savigliano, Marta. Tango: The Political Economy of Passion.
Shay, Antony.  Politicizing Choreography	
Taylor, Julie. Paper Tangos.

** Graduate students will have one additional book which they may
choose from a short list I will provide.