Anthropology | Res Meth in Cultural Anthropology
E606 | 0413 | Clark

Meets first eight weeks only

This course moves you from a passive to an active role in cultural
anthropology. You will learn how to select research questions,
identify appropriate methods for answering your questions, enter into
effective and ethical fieldwork relations and evaluate what you are
learning.  You should gain an understanding of the place of fieldwork
in generating anthropological knowledge and the ability to present it
to people outside anthropology as a valid and valuable method of
understanding important issues. In the readings, active fieldworkers
discuss what they did and why someone would or would not want or be
able to do what they did. They expose you to a wide range of
ethnographic methods and a wide range of evaluations of which methods
are appropriate, ethical and productive.  Instead of teaching you any
one correct way to do ethnographical fieldwork, we will consider the
reasons why you might decide logically to choose particular approaches
and avoid others, depending on your topic of choice, the local
dynamics you expect to encounter and your personal background and