Anthropology | Anthropological Linguistics 2
L502 | 0419 | LeSourd

This course provides an introduction to Head-Driven Phrase Structure
Grammar(HPSG), one of the most influential current frameworks for
syntactic analysis. HPSG is a non-transformational theory with a
constraint-based, lexicalist grammatical architecture.  Work within
the framework has focused on developing precisely formulated grammars
whose empirical predictions can be directly tested.  The theory is
therefore of particular interest to linguists who are concerned with
developing detailed accounts of the syntactic structure of
individual languages.  It is of special interest to computational
linguists as well, as it has been developed with careful attention to
ways in which analyses can be represented within computational models
of language processing.  The course will proceed through close reading
of Sag, Wasow, and Bender (2003) Syntactic Theory: A Formal
Introduction, a text in which an HPSG model of syntactic structure is
built up from first principles on the basis of data drawn from a
variety of languages.  While some previous experience with the
methods of linguistic analysis will be helpful, no prior familiarity
with syntactic theory will be presupposed.  Work for the course will
include weekly problem sets, a midterm, and a final exam.