Anthropology | Intro to Prehistoric Archaeology
P200 | 0422 | Sievert

This course will introduce you to archaeology as it applies toward
understanding the cultural history of humankind. Archaeologists are
famous for using other people's garbage as their main source of
information, so this is essentially a course about trash. We will
cover topics including food and eating, trade, politics, world views,
and technology. You will learn how archaeologists research human
societies, how they interpret the remains of material culture, and how
they apply their interpretations to situations in the modern world. In
the process we will be discussing specific ancient time periods like
the Neolithic, cultures like the ancient Mississippians, and phenomena
such as the invention of irrigation agriculture. You will gain an
understanding of what we think happened in the past through the lens
of the things people left behind.

Format: There will be illustrated lectures, demonstrations, videos,
and hands-on lab exercises.
Evaluation: Tests, short papers, and a project.
Media: We will be using Revealing Archaeology-an Interactive CD that
will guide you through the methods of archaeology by providing
examples and problems.  Pertinent articles will be placed on e-